Roll of the Awakened

Recognized Cabals and Factions:

[The New Orleans Council] – Nine members, who come and go on an irregular basis, but who are sworn to convene when needed. Their purpose is to uphold the Protocols, protect the institution of the Traditions, and serve as a mediating body. Many, but not all, are based in New Orleans, while the rest travel around the American South. The Councilors are typically part of other cabals.
[City Mothers] – a venerable cabal originally known as “City Fathers,” but the name was changed after the membership rotated to be mostly female. The cabal oversees and manipulates maintains the welfare of the city and its people. It has been theorized (usually over drinks, in very hushed voices) that the current senior women of the cabal represent the 3 aspects of the Goddess: maiden, mother, and crone.
○ Maman Odie is thought to represent the Crone, though it is unclear if she is the eldest member of the cabal
○ Nanny Ochre is considered the Mother, due to her sprawling family, which she constantly watches over
○ Mother Mariposa, despite her title, is clearly the Maiden, being the youngest and most idealistic of the three
○ Lux, Mariposa’s protégé, acts as a general aide to the three senior members
○ Felix l’Orange serves as a security consultant, rather than a full member
[Ragin’ Cajuns] – war cabal who keep watch for threats, and come together when a threat requires it. They are functionally subservient to the Council and the City Mothers.
○ Felix l’Orange is the most experienced member of the cabal, and was given the title of Duke by the Council
○ Tullius is the Duke’s right hand, a decent combat strategist, and a constant sentinel
○ Melpomene is the Duke’s left hand, able to read opponents in peace or war
○ Deputies are recruited and dismissed as required. L’Orange likes to draft every Council mage at least once, in order to familiarize them with security matters and encourage an idea of common defense.
[Solomon Scholars] – an exclusively Hermetic cabal; focused on supporting the school and pursuing research
○ Professor Orabilis is the nominal head of the cabal, but rarely exercises any authority over it
○ Most of the school’s Awakened students spend time in the cabal, building a reputation or repaying tutelage
[Bayou Shadows] – protectors of the environment; keepers of the Tangipahoa Grove
[Les Saints] – Throw parties; Sell drugs; Make money (and piss off the Council in the process). They are known to be libertines who dabble in the entertainment and drug scenes. Frequently at odds with Council authority. One of the few cabals that permit non-Council mages to join.
○ Blunt, Ecstatic, an enforcer problem-solver for the cabal, he has some history with Iggy, the Ecstatic Councilor
○ Molly, Hollower
○ Bullet, Hollower
[Speakers for the Dead] – conscientious necromancers, focused on helping the dead find rest. They are closely associated with the Solomon School, which specializes in Spirit magic.
○ Charon (pronounced as Sharon), Hermetic, most recent student of Orabilis
[The Line] – a cabal that draws members from other cabals; upholds the truce with the vampires
[Seekers of the Lost] – less a cabal, more a title; they seek what was lost or forgotten after Nightmare Night

[Ghede’s Children] – main group of local Bata’a; they guide their people (and oppose Council influence)
○ Papa “Ali” Aligbonon, spiritual and temporal leader of the local Bata’a, and old rival of Maman Odie

[The Stennis Amalgam] – the nearest known amalgam (a Technocratic equivalent to a cabal and/or chantry) to New Orleans. An under-the-table truce has been arranged between these Technocrats and the mages of New Orleans; neither side attacks or exposes the other. It is believed that the amalgam is primarily interested in “Deep Universe” (Umbral) operations.
○ Captain Garland, Void Engineer, commander of the amalgam, and possibly a friend (or enemy?) of Enrique

Willworkers of New Orleans, By Sect:

Akashayana – Master Li (Councilor)
Chakravanti – Leon Carlo (Councilor), Melpomene
Chorister – Mother Mariposa (Councilor), Luz, Tullius
Khavadi – Maman Odie (Councilor), Izora Calós, Miss Pleasant
Ecstatic – Iggy (Councilor), Anna Marie, Blunt, Eli, Mouse
Etherite – A.C. Smith (Councilor), Albedo Jones, Kyphis
Hermetic – Professor Orabilis (Councilor), Felix l’Orange, Charon, Roi
Verbena – Nanny Ochre (Councilor), Miss Pleasant
Adept – Zero (Councilor)

Bata’a – Papa Aligbonon
Orphan – Remy

Technocracy – Captain Garland

Roll of the Awakened

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