Minutes-to-Midnight Brilliantine


A bulky crystal flask, typically wrapped in scarves and handkerchiefs to protect against impacts. An oily, iridescent liquid sloshes within. The label identifies it as “Minutes-to-Midnight Brilliantine,” manufactured by “Bialystock Adornments.” When the crystal stopper is removed, the wide mouth is just large enough to dip a comb inside.

The flask is a 2-dot Wonder, and can contain up to 10 points of Glamour. This Glamour is “donated” in the form of fluids, with tears and blood being the most common forms, but all end up transmuting into brilliantine once in the flask.

The Glamour can be used for other purposes, but the immediate use is to dip a comb in and extensively work it through the user’s hair over several minutes. This changes the color to a hue of the user’s choice, and grants +1 Appearance and -1 social difficulty for the scene. This effect consumes a single Glamour (only a few drops cling to the comb), but in a hurry the user can splash some brilliantine (3 point’s worth) directly onto their hair to achieve the same effect in mere seconds.

The Catch, for those without access to Glamour, is that the user suffers from narcissism. Such afflicted, the user does not fully recover until they have experienced some catharsis (determined by the ST) or sought professional psychological assistance.

Regardless, anyone Fae or otherwise, who uses the comb will find the natural brilliance of their own hair evaporate with the Brilliantine. At the scenes end the users hair becomes dull and straw-like, suffering -1 Appearance and +1 social difficulty, in so long as their hair is visible, lasting till the end of the day. A full nights rest will see the natural luster and texture of their hair return to them.

Minutes-to-Midnight Brilliantine

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