Tangipahoa Grove


Along the Tangipahoa River, on the northwest side of Lake Pontchartrain, is a stand of ancient cypress trees. These giants, some of which live to be over 2000 years old and rivaled the giant redwoods of California, once covered the area, but were clear-cut by loggers until only 100 acres remained. At the center of this territory lies the Tangipahoa Grove, a potent Node under the Council’s protection.

The Grove is accessible only by boat, which must be navigated through a swamp choked with tangled roots and blue water hyacinths. At its heart is a circle of elder trees, the focal point of the mystic energies flowing through the area. Some of the blue water hyacinths within this circle are actually Tass, steeped in primeval resonance.

The Council maintains a boat dock on the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain, with a number of vessels available to make the 1-hour trip across the lake. The Grove and its surroundings are watched over and maintained by a cabal that the Council granted stewardship, and all other visitors must coordinate with this cabal.

Tangipahoa Grove

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