Roll of the Awakened

Recognized Cabals and Factions:

[The New Orleans Council] – comprised of the 9 Council Chairs; this faction draws members from other cabals
[City Mothers] – oversees and manipulates maintains the welfare of the city and its people
[Ragin’ Cajuns] – security and warfare cabal; functionally subservient to the Council and the City Mothers
[Solomon Scholars] – a Hermetic exclusive cabal; focused on supporting the school and pursuing research
[Bayou Shadows] – protectors of the environment; keepers of the Tangipahoa Grove
[Les Saints] – Throw parties; Sell drugs; Make money (and piss off the Council in the process)
[Speakers for the Dead] – conscientious necromancers; focused on helping the dead find rest
[The Line] – a cabal that draws members from other cabals; upholds the truce with the vampires

[Ghede’s Children] – main group of local Bata’a; they guide their people (and oppose Council influence)

Willworkers of New Orleans, By Sect:
Akashayana -
Chakravanti – Leon Carlo, Melpomene
Chorister – Mother Mariposa, Luz, Tullius
Khavadi РMaman Odie, Izora Calós, Miss Pleasant
Ecstatic – Anna Marie
Etherite – A.C. Smith, Albedo Jones
Hermetic – Professor Orabilis, Felix l’Orange
Verbena – Nanny Ochre
Adept -

Roll of the Awakened

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