Nanny Ochre

Verbena Councilor, and matriarch of the Ochre clan


A weathered old Caucasian woman. Round, wrinkled, with only one real tooth to speak of. Her hair is white, thin, and typically covered up by a floppy hat of some kind. She tends to wear loose, dark-colored blouses and gowns that tend towards the “mumu” side of things, or else over-sized T-shirts with tasteless slogans or images. On special occasions, she likes red shoes.

She reminds everyone of a favored aunt, doting granny, or revered old mother. She rarely raises her voice except in song (drinking songs especially), and has eyes that suggest she has seen and done it all. She likes a good joke, a good drink, a puff on her pipe every so often, and is one of the few people in the world who really would like to see pictures of your grandchildren. Of course, you should take care around her grandchildren, because she takes her family’s safety seriously, and she has a very large family.


As matriarch of the Ochre clan (including the “Ogg” and “Okra” offshoots), she has ears and interests all throughout the tri-county area, and further across the state. Every branch of her family is registered with the vampire court as under her protection. The last time this was violated, the court simply gave her the transgressor’s name and withdrew from the matter, with not a single complaint or argument.

Nanny Ochre

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