A. C. Smith

Etherite Councilor, and mentor to Kyphis


A round-faced old Scotsman in a tweed suit that betrays a 19th century style. His graying hair is kept very short, and typically covered by a newsboy cap. His mustache sweeps down sharply to either side of his mouth, and enough hangs over his lip that he can probably strain soup with it.

Boisterous, but with a keen eye and a deductive mind. Doctor Smith is a lively man in conversation, and his Scottish brogue is charming, if sometimes used too loudly.


Doctor A. C. Smith has clearly been alive for well over a century, and makes little effort to conceal that fact. He surrounds himself in trappings from the turn of the 1900’s, including Tesla-style gadgets, books on Spiritualism, and old medical diagrams. Despite that, he has done well fusing science and spiritual practices, and his skill as a doctor extends to bionic implants.

A. C. Smith

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