Mage: New Orleans

Big Easy Beginnings

or, "The Wild Goose Chase

The day after the 10th anniversary of Nightmare Night, the Tradition Council called for volunteers to help clean up the last pieces of the tragedy. These volunteers would be charged with seeking out the holdings, possessions, and potentially the final remains, of those who died or disappeared on Nightmare Night, and had not yet been accounted for.

Four hands were raised, and four mages were granted the title of “Seeker of the Lost.”

Now, the four mages are in search of Enrique, a courier for the Tradition Council. The man had been sailing back from the Yucatan peninsula when Nightmare Night occurred, and his ship was lost. After some interviews, the mages have narrowed down the likely location of the ship, and found a means to narrow it down further still. They are close to finding Enrique, but they have also found evidence that someone Enrique knew has been making the search more difficult, intentionally or not.



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